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Hey there!

As one of the collectors who pre-ordered their copy of Icky H.’s The Wytch through our site, all of us here at Level52 Studios owe you some serious gratitude. To explain why, I’d like to tell you a little story:

When we started this project way (way way) back in 2017, we were in our very early phase as a start-up, still operating out of our garage and living on instant noodles to make the bills. After stumbling across his ArtStation account one day, we all collectively fell in love with Icky H.’s work and reached out to partner up and make a series of statuettes based on his unique style. The piece we chose to start the series was his drawing titled The Wytch.

The forms, the colors, and her intense glare inspired all of us to make something beautiful and unusual. We landed a spot on sculptor Rhett Mason’s docket to render our lady in 3D, and got to work in our little workshop printing, hand finishing, and painting up a prototype.

At the time we completed her, our team still hadn’t made inroads with the distributors we’re lucky enough to work with now. It was up to us to sell her on our store without any outside support for marketing. Then, we unfortunately learned a lesson that semi-nude statues are nearly impossible to advertise on social media. Our business accounts even ended up shadow-banned, which impacted our other projects.

After only selling a handful of pieces (probably to a few of you!), we contemplated scrapping The Wytch altogether as we couldn’t see our way around the marketing issues to get the word out and meet manufacturing minimums. Then, something wonderful happened: Sideshow came to her rescue and agreed to distribute The Wytch through their site. After months languishing in the gray area of cancellation, The Wytch sold 200+ units through their site and saved The Cursed & Cruel line from extinction! 

Icky and our team are so grateful to each of you who her purchased her all those months ago. Because of your support and patience, we were able to find the right channels to get this project up off the ground and secure the future of Cursed & Cruel in the process. We could not have pulled this off without you!

We’re happy to state The Wytch’s production is in full-swing, and we expect to have her built, packed, shipped, and distributed by the end of Q1 of 2020.

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to our customer support lead April at april@level52studios.com

All our best,

Hanna + The Level52 Studios Team