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Hey there!

All of us here at Level52 Studios HQ first want to give our sincerest thanks for your purchase of the Frazetta Legacy SeriesThe Teaser. This project has taken a lot of unusual twists and turns along the way, and with it, a lot of extra time. 

Unvarnished honesty time: we truly had no idea how many difficulties marketing and producing a fully nude statuette without any optional coverings would present. Between ad-blocks on social media, distributors declining to carry her, and restrictions on nudity in China where she’s produced, getting her sold and made was one of our biggest challenges yet as a fledgling collectibles company. While we--and we’re sure you too--feel that nudity in art isn’t tantamount to pornography, social media platforms and the collectibles industry are not quite on the same page as us.

That being said, all of those obstacles are now behind us, and her edition is just finishing up at the factory as we write this message to you. The Teaser will be freighted to our HQ via boat, which can take 4-6 weeks from factory dock to our doorstep. Once she arrives, our team will hand inspect every unit to ensure your copy leaves our hands in one piece. Our new estimate for delivery is end of February 2020, but we’re hoping to deliver sooner!

Again, all of here are truly thankful for your support and patience through the production of this art piece. We couldn’t do what we do without you.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email our customer support lead, April via april@level52studios.com She’s happy to help!

All our best,

Hanna + The Level52 Studios Team